Roof tops 3, Copenhagen – 2012

My last picture from Café Hovedtelegrafen. The large dome is the Marple Church. I think the smaller dome looks almost Halloween-ish with its triangular windows, emphasized by the triangle of the roof just below.


Roof tops 1, Copenhagen – 2012

In Copenhagen we have a Post (mail) and Tele Museum. I haven’t actually seen the museum, but they have a café/restaurant on the top floor with a large deck and a view of the roof tops and towers of Copenhagen.

I suddenly remembered that one morning when I was contemplating where to go photographing that day. I believe anyone would be welcome, but my friend who waits tables there did ask me to come between 10-11 or 3-4 p.m. as it is really busy for lunch.

Above is the first of three pictures. I chose to post this because of the way the red roof tops weave in and out.