Rome 37, 2013

Karin Ott

What could be more typical Italian than a Ferrari in front of the souvenir stalls by the Vatican?


Copenhagen 1, 2012

Karin Ott

Last year I posted shots of the Christmas lights in Copenhagen. They weren’t the only pictures I took that evening and now the time has come to show the rest of them.

The reason why people would ever consider sitting outside in the winter is that you can’t smoke inside.

Halvandet 6, Copenhagen 2012

Last picture in the Halvandet-series – and, of course, my favorite.

Just today I was standing at Amager Beach with a friend, pointing in the direction of tall chimneys and obvious signs of industry, telling her that this was where Halvandet was at. I don’t know how you would ever find this urban beach bar by coinsidence. You do pass it if you take a canal tour, but finding your way there in a car…?

Roof tops 1, Copenhagen – 2012

In Copenhagen we have a Post (mail) and Tele Museum. I haven’t actually seen the museum, but they have a café/restaurant on the top floor with a large deck and a view of the roof tops and towers of Copenhagen.

I suddenly remembered that one morning when I was contemplating where to go photographing that day. I believe anyone would be welcome, but my friend who waits tables there did ask me to come between 10-11 or 3-4 p.m. as it is really busy for lunch.

Above is the first of three pictures. I chose to post this because of the way the red roof tops weave in and out.