Tivoli 12, 2012

Last picture from Tivoli this time around… Tivoli has their own music corp marching through the garden every day, playing their instruments. I wasn’t prepared but heard the music, raised my camera, and got just one single shot before the orchestra went up on the central stage.

And this is one of the things I loooove my DSLR camera. One shot, one chance, auto everything -and it comes out like this.


Tivoli 10, 2012

This covered passage runs under the Tivoli Concert Hall. When my parents were young it housed one of the hottest jitterbug joints in town. Now it is home to a Wagamama and a café – none of them neither hot nor glamorous. But the ceiling is!

I can’t believe I’ve walked through that passage all my life and never noticed the mirrored ceiling until I looked at it through the lens. Maybe I’ve always been too busy eying the ice cream stands across from the café.

Tivoli 9, 2012

Fortunately two of the rides that afternoon in Tivoli were right next to a rollercoaster with a loop. I made it my mission to shoot a great picture of a rollercoaster. I kinda think I succeeded.

I did need to abide by the prime rule of showing patience, though. The ride only ran through once. Then I had to wait and wait until the next passage and the next single chance of a shot. This is the result of somewhere around the 10’th run. But I was waiting for the kids anyway.

Tivoli 4, 2012

Tivoli Gardens opened on August 15, 1843. The name refers to Jardin de Tivoli in Paris. It was originally placed just outside the fortications of the city. Because the park is so old, the buildings are whimsical in the original way you only find in complexes that truly are old and don’t just pretend to be.