Winter in Denmark 10, 2013

Karin Ott

It’s said that fog thins the veil between dimensions. I don’t know… But I can tell you what happened on the morning of this enchanting fog sprinkled with frost.

As I was happily snapping away, I was approached by a man along with his pal and his dog. They were on their way for a dip in the sea but the man stopped when he saw me and asked how I managed to focus in the fog. We talked for a while about photography. He told me how he had volunteered for a local newspaper to learn more and try new things. I asked, only half in jest, if he ever needed an assistant. “Why don’t you just volunteer yourself?” he asked.

Within an hour I had written an email to the monthly magazine and I have been shooting for them since February. They are the reason I got press accreditation to the Eurovision Song Contest and trips like the one to Peberholmen. I’m having a grand time shooting assignments rather than always having to rely on my own inspiration and I’m learning a lot, including about being able to do more than I thought. I also get to work with other people and get to share my images in print.

All in all, I am very grateful to the man I happened to talk to that morning in the fog. The only thing is, I never got his name. ‘My’ editor thought it was the other photographer on the magazine but it wasn’t. In fact none of the information I had matched anyone he and the other photographer knew. I guess the important part is I followed an idea and wound up in the right place.


Peberholmen 1, 2014

Karin Ott

I’m going to take a short break from the Holga images. I will be back but even though I love the look, sometimes you need a break from the break 🙂

I’m going to share with you a short series of images from a small artificial island, Peberholmen. It lies in the water between Sweden and Denmark and was created from mud from the bottom of the sea 15 years ago in connection with building the bridge between Denmark and Sweden. Stopping on the island is not a choice but recently I was able to go a tour of Peberholmen.

Amager Beach 7 – 2012

The water between Denmark and Sweden is very shallow. This is the reason for the construction to the right. It’s a pier for jumping in the water and for tanning out of the wind. The construction is a pretty amazing piece of architecture and I need to go back one day with my camera and spend some time.

Amager Beach 4 – 2012

As a rare treat you get two for one this time. I couldn’t decide which one to use but the photoes are too alike to warrent separate posts. Juping down was my daughter’s idea after a while of climbing up and down the wall while I was photographing. In the distance you can just make out a tall white structure to the right – that is Turning Torso in Malmø, Sweden.