Signs of Spring 21

Karin Ott

And with this last shot in the sharp rays of the early spring sun, I conclude my series Signs of Spring. I will commence to go into hibernation during the dark and dismal days ahead and wait for that light to show again.


Galway 7, Ireland 2012

Karin Ott

Did I mention Galway sits almost at the edge of the (once known) world? I noticed one afternoon through the kitchen window of the apartment how the sun was turning a part of the sea a bright silver. I rushed out on the deck, 4 floors up, with my camera. I didn’t quite manage to catch the silver but the view was impressive none the less.

One magic morning 1, 2012

One morning in late august a rare fog hung over the neighbourhood. I had to admit it took my 8 year old daughter to get me to see the magic. “Look mom, there are spider webs all over!”

And indeed there were. By the time I had returned from dropping her off at school the sun was out, I dashed inside after my camera to capture the magic at the perfect time when the sun was out to reflect in the water drops and before everything dried off.