Signs of Spring 21

Karin Ott

And with this last shot in the sharp rays of the early spring sun, I conclude my series Signs of Spring. I will commence to go into hibernation during the dark and dismal days ahead and wait for that light to show again.

Signs of Spring 19

Karin Ott

It doesn’t matter if we have to bundle up. Give us a ray of sun on the other side of February 1. and you’ll find someone soaking it up.

– Sharing work from my portfolio.

Galway 7, Ireland 2012

Karin Ott

Did I mention Galway sits almost at the edge of the (once known) world? I noticed one afternoon through the kitchen window of the apartment how the sun was turning a part of the sea a bright silver. I rushed out on the deck, 4 floors up, with my camera. I didn’t quite manage to catch the silver but the view was impressive none the less.