Galway 7, Ireland 2012

Karin Ott

Did I mention Galway sits almost at the edge of the (once known) world? I noticed one afternoon through the kitchen window of the apartment how the sun was turning a part of the sea a bright silver. I rushed out on the deck, 4 floors up, with my camera. I didn’t quite manage to catch the silver but the view was impressive none the less.


Amager Beach 7 – 2012

The water between Denmark and Sweden is very shallow. This is the reason for the construction to the right. It’s a pier for jumping in the water and for tanning out of the wind. The construction is a pretty amazing piece of architecture and I need to go back one day with my camera and spend some time.


I’m sorry about my resent instability. My goal is to post one picture a day – and do it every day. This time my excuse is related to photos. I’ve spent all day yesterday working on my latest website, and I’m pretty darn proud that I shot all the pictures that I use for the design.

I decided to go with the theme of water. I also locked myself into using a black/white/red color scheme. Finally the water had to surround the island, I live on.

The pictures don’t look their best yet. I used the ‘kindergarten’ tools – color conversion on my Nikon and fine tuning with Picasa. In time they’ll get top notch Photoshop treatment. But if you want to see the result so far it’s here: (the content is in Danish so don’t expect to understand it :-))