The Black Box Gallery, Portland, Oregon

I’ve just got a shot accepted for a group exhibition! The headline is “Field notes: Landscape and Architecture”. Frankly I can’t tell you why I submitted. I didn’t think I’d make to the exhibit because when I see architecture photography it seems a much more grand way of showing than I use. But the gallery is in Portland, a city I feel connected to, so I pushed the PayPal button and went through my files.

Field Notes: Landscape and Architecture, June 1-20, 2013
Black Box Gallery, 811 East Burnside St. Suite 212, Portland Oregon 97214

I’m very excited about this shot below being selected. It’s from the series I shot late last summer at The 8 House. I had only been photographing for about a month at that time. You can see all the shots from that area here.

Stairway to heaven

Amager 8, 2013

Karin Ott

From “Signs of spring“:

The transition from darkness to light is marked by signs deeply ingrained in the natives. Every child knows the sequence of the flowers – eranthis, snowdrop, crocus – these milestones in measuring the progress. Every adult will stop and sniff the air through layers of winter clothes on the day of the undefinable turning point. And we all notice how the sun will finally both warm us to our chilled bones and mercilessly reveal the dirty windows and the dust piled up through the dark months.

Spring is a time of anticipation with summer still far enough in the future to promise to fulfil every dream we ever had.

Amager 7, 2013

Karin Ott

From “Signs of Spring“:

The concept of spring is vital to the Danish people. We are a nation of bi-polars. At the darkest time of year we have only eight hours of light while at midsummer it gets light at 5 a.m. and only barely dark by 11 p.m. In the winter we ground, bundle up, almost hibernate, and often tempers are as short as the day. In the summer we are transformed to outgoing people eager to make the most of every single moment of the gift of light.